Read a newspaper article on how the data below was collected.

Click for more on this: Yale Study Shows Weight Bias Is as Prevalent as Racial Discrimination, particularly with females

and on how men's hair length and women's excess body fat affect SQ scores

from : "Some studies show that obese women encounter more discrimination than obese men. Scientists at the University of Exeter have found evidence that simply being a more overweight woman leads to lower opportunities in life, including lower income. They studied 70 genetic variants associated with body mass index, using data from 120,000 participants in the UK Biobank who were between 40 and 70 years old."

Above results are from California public schools - mostly middle class Somewhat different results came from these lower and upper class schools:

-- Bedford-Stuyvesant Outreach High School, Brooklyn, NY

Unusually strong positive correlations to SQ: Humor, verbal skills, strong opinions, weight, considered a leader, happiness, upbeat positive attitude,

Negative correlations to SQ: Courtesy, GPA

--The Haverford School (expensive private day school) Haverford, PA

There are indications that Haverford students value courtesy more than in other schools, while valuing an upbeat, positive attitude somewhat less.


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