Sloan is interested in what leads to success for individuals and for nations. His activities:

From his travels and other experiences, he develops original ideas to improve things:

Income Equality, Innovation, and Happiness of Nations (

Sharing the World’s Oil Wealth (

Explaining China's Dynamic growth (

Reducing street noise in India (

Big Development Opportunities in Egypt (

Raising Farm Income in Peru (

Puerto Vallarta schools should recruit teaching volunteers (

Helping the blind "see" colors ( - Jan 3, 2009 Comment)

Improving Mexico's largest lake (

Updating Brazil's national motto (

Improving Kyoto's attractiveness to tourists (

Fes improvements - note to the Prime Minister of Morocco (

Bogota's tourist crime and traffic - some solutions (

United Nations - updating its charter (

Libertarianism and Equality (

Halting Litter (

Concierges Worldwide (

Developed a marketing plan for a Native American food specialty with multi-million dollar possibilities

eliminating IRS tax preparation for most US citizens

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